Server infrastructure virtualization

The need for more and more systems ensuring uninterrupted company operation has made it necessary to purchase more and more physical severs, UPSs guaranteeing the maintenance of power supply and stronger cooling systems. Additionally, none of those servers has ever worked with maximum load, as a single system was not able to absorb the full computing power of the new server. As a result, the demand for electric power grew, which significantly increased the costs of maintenance of the company’s server room. Cuts were being made in other areas in search for savings, including the areas related to data security or protection.

In consequence of this situation, there was a need for software which would virtualize the hardware resources. As a result, virtualizations which allowed installation of several virtual machines on one physical server have been created. This enabled using the infrastructure in a better way and implementing the new environments in a faster and safer way, without the risk of losing the previous data.

The possibility of building high-availability clusters eliminating single points of fault is one of the advantages of virtualization, which enables maximum security and continuity of the customer’s environment work. With suitable configuration, the fault of even 50% of the equipment will not affect the end user’s performance.

Until recently HA solutions have been reserved for big data centers, but thanks to the reduction of equipment and software costs, we can implement them in smaller organizations which need only a few devices.



wirtualizacja infrastruktury serwerowej

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