Mobile Device Management (MDM)

For a couple of years the share of mobile devices in the global internet traffic has been systematically increasing. As a result, more and more users have been using their mobile devices for professional purposes. This cause some hazards to company data safety. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a solution, which not only helps you to effectively protect your business data. It also enables you to manage the whole fleet of mobile devices in your organization.

MDM is a system which allows to monitor, manage and secure all the mobile devices used by the Staff of any organization. Mobile Device Management is a response to a new market trend called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). It is more popular in Polish companies, but – what is quite important – for which those companies are not always ready.

Mobile Device Management – main benefits:
  • simple and easy management of the whole fleet of mobile devices on one panel
  • monitoring of location of the devices (including a possibility to remotely block a device when lost or stolen).
  • cost tracking and management (no unexpected expenses for received text messages/MMS, telecommunications services – including roaming, data usage, paid apps)
  • mobile application management
  • sensitive data protection (protection against viruses and malicious software, alientation of infected files, scanning and update of virus definitions)
  • extensive reporting, which enables detailed analysis of the mobile device’s use by the user
  • data encryption makes it possible to significantly improve the protection of data recorded in your mobile device
  • company and private profile (easy switching between desks which makes it possible to separate company resources from private ones; company profiles follow the procedures imposed by the company).
mobile device management mdm

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