Leasing IT

IT hardware lease is a beneficial financing form that facilitates access to state-of-the-art technologies for every company. A wide hardware range, as well as convenient conditions adapted to the capabilities of a company enable significantly reducing the investment burden, while modernizing the business.

Leasing IT – why worth it?

  • you have quick access to modern technologies
  • your hardware starts paying for itself immediately
  • your liquidity increases
  • you do not freeze your own funds
  • you lower your taxes: lease instalments are tax deductible
  • VAT fully deducted from lease instalments

How does it work?

Are you interested in purchasing hardware through lease instalments?

  1. You send us an inquiry about specific products

If you need help, our specialists can advise on the optimal solutions.

  1. We prepare a hardware quotation
  2. If you accept it, we’ll handle all the lease-related formalities for you – we will submit an application and provide you with a decision within 24 hours
  3. If all the terms satisfy your expectations, then we conclude an agreement
  4. We deliver the hardware to your company.

Important: we offer lease of IT hardware purchases at our company and not third-party vendors.

To meet the expectations of the clients half way and to save their time, we handle preparing all the documents that enable lease-instalment purchase, but the purchase must be made at Nomacon Group.

Leasing IT

Leasing IT – financing terms (depending on the financing entity)

  • lease period from 18 to 60 months

  • lease value already from PLN 1500

  • no initial fee

  • option to purchase the hardware after the lease period.

Lease advantages are appreciated both by small- and medium-sized companies, as well as large enterprises. Companies from the SME sector decide on this financing method primarily due to limited cash resources. In addition, the popularity of lease results from the reluctance to freeze large amounts of cash. Companies receive hardware they need to work, paying for it with lease instalments, while maintaining liquidity.

Owing to a cooperation with numerous entities financing IT lease, we are able to offer different lease terms, and tailor the quotation to the company needs.

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