IT audits

At the customer’s request, we conduct IT audits aimed at analysing the company’s resources, as well as indicating significant shortcomings.

Periodic audits provide information that allow to assess the facts related to the condition of the existing infrastructure, software topicality, license validity or resistance to attacks threatening data security.

Our professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in conducting professional audits, and methods developed by them allow you to perform objective and independent assessments.

Benefits of audits include:
  • increase of company credibility,
  • cost-saving and efficiency in planning future purchases,
  • guarantee of legal software,
  • optimization of efficiency of the existing infrastructure,
  • detection of weak points,
  • sealing mechanisms that generate losses,
  • raising awareness of threats,
  • increase in the performance of employees.
Audyty informatyczne

We offer:

Software licensing audit

Hardware and performance audit

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