Leasing IT

GRENKE offers various forms of financing which have one thing in common – they are always adjusted to the needs of your company.

Leasing pays off!
  • you have a quick access to advanced technologies
  • your equipment earns for itself right from the start
  • you increase your liquidity
  • you do not freeze your assets
  • you reduce the taxes: leasing installments are tax-deductible
  • you deduct full VAT from leasing installments
Leasing IT
We offer you financing of your purchase of software and IT equipment from Nomacom through GRENKE leasing.
Leasing with GRENKE pays off even more!
  • minimum formalities
  • fast and smooth agreement execution
  • transaction management directly in equipment supplier
  • individual service and support of GRENKE consultant
Financing terms
  • financing with a fixed interest rate (leasing installments are fixed for the whole term of leasing)
  • 0% of own contribution
  • leasing already from 1, 500 PLN net
  • term of leasing: 18 to 60 months
Fill in the leasing application
  • Leasing application depending on the value of the subject of leasing:
  1. APPLICATION UP TO 10 000 PLN Download here
  2. APPLICATION OVER 10 000 PLN Download here
  • Two IT documents according to the company representation
  • Civil law partnerships: attach the partnership agreement
Agreements available in GRENKE

Traditional Leasing

the most popular form of leasing in Poland, includes the obligation or option of equipment buy-back at the end of the agreement term. In the agreement including the buy-back option the final value at which the Customer will be able to purchase the subject of leasing is agreed already at the beginning. The agreement including the buy-back obligation obliges the Customer to purchase the equipment at the final value which is also defined in the agreement. Regardless of the agreement type, the Customers may count for a quick decision, lack of own contribution, fixed and cost-effective installments and term of leasing of up to 36 months. This is the most profitable form of financing long-term investments in IT industry.

Modern Leasing

the most advantageous manner of using equipment without the need of owning it. In practice the product is similar to lease. The Customer uses the equipment paying monthly installments and at the end of the agreement they may replace it with a different one of newer generation. Since the installments are lower than in the traditional leasing, the most advanced equipment is always at hand!

GRENKELEASING is an expert in IT and advanced technologies leasing.

The company is a part of international concern GRENKE AG, which has been financing IT investments for already 40 years. Currently it is one of the biggest and most independent German leasing companies, not related to any bank. In Poland GRENKE has been offering leasing to entrepreneurs for 15 years and continuously increases the scope of services to be used throughout the country via a specialized network of authorized IT equipment suppliers.